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Spanish New Year traditions

Hi everyone! Today is 31st of December and soon it’s time to say goodbye for the year 2018. It has been a very good year, we have met many nice customers, learned a lot of new things and enjoyed our lives for this past 12 months. If it’s the first time for you to celebrate New Year in Spain we want to share with you some of the Spanish traditions:

1.Spend time with family and friends

Traditionally Spanish people celebrate the New Year’s Eve with family and friends. Usually they all share a meal together and later they watch together countdown and fireworks. The Spaniards usually drink cava which is usually consumed as a toast straight after midnight. Some people put an object of gold in the bottom of the glass and drink the whole glass of cava in one go. Then they pick up the golden object, this Spaniards do, because they believe it will bring them wealth and good luck for the upcoming year.

2.Wear red underwear

You have probably seen a lot of red underwear in the shops lately. It’s because Spanish people believe that if you wear red underwear on the New Year it is thought to bring luck for love the upcoming year.

3.Eat twelve lucky grapes

Did you know that one of the biggest Spanish New Year’s traditions is to eat one grape on every second of the last 12 seconds of the year? That means that by the time it strikes midnight, you have stuffed totally 12 grapes into your mouth. If you manage to chew and swallow them in time, it is said to bring you good luck for the entire year. To make things easier, many Spanish supermarkets sell smaller, seedless grapes in cans so that you can take them with you wherever you decide to celebrate.

Remember to start the New Year is with your right foot, this way you can start the year with luck for the future. This means that when you are walking home from the fireworks or taking a step from the dinner table you should do it with your right foot first.

We thank all our customers and blog readers from this past year and we wish you all a very happy new year 2019, hopefully it will be even better than 2018!