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Sports in Spain

Spanish people love sport. In every region of Spain there is a fashion for a different kind of sport. Therefore, it is not possible to determine what exactly is their only major national sport. Just as many heads, as many ideas for entertainment.


The country has two big football teams with fans all over the world, namely FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. In Spain, fans are also divided. In Spain, it is better not to offend any football team while talking, and it is best not to talk about football at all with a real Spaniard. They are also very spontaneous. All fans are really connected to each other and they support their favourite team all the time. When there is a match you can see a lot of people in the bars or restaurants, they are eating tapas and drinkingbeer or tinto.


It is well knownsport of Spaniards which attracts a lot of tourists. However, we will not meet him in all regions of Spain, because many of them have already given up. But In Andalusian land, for example Sevilla, Cordoba or Granada this traditional sport is still alive! There is no surprise that Andalusia is home to bullfighting! For those who don’t know what corrida is, we have a simple explanation. Corrida consists in Torreador's fight with a bull. The grand finale of Corrida is the killing a bull by Torreador, for thatthis sport is too drastic for some people. That's why we can only see Corrida in a few regions because the others regions banned this sport because of the animal rights and violent.


Tennis, or running with a pallet on the court behind a small yellow ball, is also a sport loved by many Spaniards. Spain also has many talented athletes in this area. The best known are: Rafael Nadal (considered the world's best tennis player) and Arantxa Sanchez Vicario (Federation Cup record holder). It can be really popular in some of regions but some of them are not interested in this kind of sport.


Spectacular starts, overtaking manoeuvres right on the edge, dizzy speeds and a world champion called Fernando Alonso. The brilliant performance of Spanish drivers in the Formula 1 Championship has meant there are more and more fans of the sport here every day. This international competition is the toughest, and there is only room for the best. People in Spain live it with real passion especially when they have really popularCircuit de Catalunya near Barcelona. Everyone wants to see the race and the ticket are expensive.