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Swimming pools in Sevilla

The thing that is most missing in Seville is probably the sea with a nice beach, and with the hot weather coming up, you might be asking where to find a pool. Unfortunately the city doesn’t have a big public open air pool,. But don't worry I'll show you all the places you can go to survive the hot temperature .

1) Waterparks

The most popular places to enjoy pools while having fun are waterparks, where you can spend a different day with friends without going too far from the city. In Seville there are two main waterparks, called Aquopolis and Agua Magica.


The Waterpark Aquopolis is located in the Sevilla Este and can be reached by bus from the center in more or less thirty minutes. A lot of attractions can be enjoyed in this park, such as relax areas, adrenaline activities, children games, and much more.The park is going to be open from the beginning of June until mid September and the price is around 15 euros, but you can also buy a long period pass; the ticket can also be booked directly from the website, so you can be sure to be able to enter the day you want to!

Agua Magica (Isla Magica)

The waterpark Agua Magica is part of the amusement park called Isla Magica, which is located in Isla de la Cartuja, just at the opposite riverbank than the city center. Her you can find waterfalls, waves, ramps, relaxing areas and much more.This waterpark is going to open at the end of May, and the ticket is part of Isla Magica ticket: 7 additional euros allow to enter Agua Magica besides the rest of the amusement park!

2) Hotels

A different solution is going to some private pools in hotels and hostels, where even without being customers you can pay to enter it; the price is usually not really cheap, around 20-30 euros, but you can have access to a relaxed and calm environment. The ones opening to public so far are NH Plaza de Armas, TRH Alcora, Novotel Sevilla Marqués del Nervión, Santa Justa Catalonia, Bellavista Sevilla, Don Paco. If you’re looking for something cheaper, hostels’ pools might be the best solution. There are few hostels in Seville that also open their pools to those who are not clients, such as Oasis Backpackers.

3) Sport centers and municipals pools

The city also offers few municipal pools part of sport centers, where you can buy the day entrance for more or less 5 euros. These pools are going to open from the beginning of July and the main ones are Rochelambert, Tiro de Linea, Alcosa, Torreblanca.In every specific site you can find opening hours and details about prices and sometimes about discountThere are also two sport centers where you can find swimming pools, one of them is private and is called O2 Centro Wellness Sevilla, located in Nervion, while the other one is Centro deportivo Sadus.

Sadus(showed in the picture) is part of the University of Sevilla and it offers discounts and carnet for students, even if it can be used by everybody.

4) Private Clubs

The last but more expensive way to use pools is going to private clubs, where you can enter accompanied by a member, buying the entrance for more or less 15 euros; the main ones are Club de Campo, Club Golf, Club Nautico, Club Pineda.

So, if you don't have a swimming pool on the rooftop of your house you could use one of these solution and..enjoy summer! ;)