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Top 6 things to do in winter

The days get shorter, the temperatures dropped, and we start take out our jackets and wooly sweatshirts, It can only mean one thing- winter is here guys! Not many people would consider Seville much of a winter wonderland, but in recent years more and more people are visiting the city during the colder months. Certainly, considered more of a summer destination, Seville is a city that manages to maintain its unique charm, even with a chill in the air. Not convinced? Allow us to reassure you with these eight reasons to visit Seville in winter

1. Enjoy the weather

Is the winter weather quite extreme where you’re from? Seville’s scorching summers are perhaps what the city is most famous for, but its weather during the winter months is just as lovely. With average temperatures at a pleasant 10-12 degrees during the winter months, more and more people are choosing Seville as a winter destination.

You can still comfortably take a stroll by the river, wander through some of Seville’s famous parks or even make your way to one of the city’s rooftop bars and take in the sensational nighttime views. Whether you’re expecting 6 feet of snow or wind and rain, the gentle chill of Seville’s streets is the perfect weekend escape.

2. Visit a Christmas Market

No festive season would be complete without a rummage through the stalls of a Christmas market. Seville has a number of wonderful markets located in various parts of the city, all selling beautiful, hand-crafted products – perfect for that unique Christmas gift.

With carols being sung in some of the central squares of the city, the smell of freshly roasted chestnuts wafting through the streets, and the flicker of the bright lights overhead, the atmosphere around the festive marketplaces is something truly special.

4. See the sights

Visiting the many incredible sights in Seville is an absolute must and it makes a different to visit those places in summer or in the winter time. The good news is that queues for entry to see the astonishing architecture of the Cathedral and the beautiful gardens of the Alcazar Palace are generally shorter in winter!

As sunset gets earlier and earlier, a stroll through the atmospheric Plaza de España and the beautiful adjoining Maria Luisa Park is the perfect way to spend a winter’s evening. Also las Setas ( Metropol Parasol) is a good place to go and enjoy the sunset ! And it includes a free postcard which you can send to you loved once and a free drink! So, after enjoying the beautiful sunset you can enjoy a free glas of wine and start the night right.All in all, Seville’s many beautiful monuments provide a romantic kind of magic in winter that we don’t see at other times of the year.

5. Experience the Belén tradition

If you wander through the streets of Seville in the lead up to Christmas you will see elaborate displays of the nativity scene in shop windows and churches all throughout the city. In the Spanish tradition, the belén often consists of a depiction of the entire city of Bethlehem, not just the crib scene itself.

Each year, huge numbers of people in Seville make their way to the Feria del Belén, a market at the foot of the Cathedral that specializes in figurines and decoration for the nativity scene, to buy a new addition to the display. Seeing the passion of the locals as they comment on and appreciate the nativity displays throughout the city is an amazing insight into the importance of tradition here in Seville, something that makes the city so special.

6. Do a day trip

With so much to see and do in Seville during winter, it’s hard to imagine there would be time for a trip outside the city, but it’s worth making the time! As we get towards the end of January the mountainous Sierra Norte region to the North of Seville gets coated in a soft layer of snow. There are some stunning mountain walks and amazing hiking opportunities if you’re feeling like a day trip with active tourism during your stay.

Or if you’ve got a few days to spare, make your way to Granada and take advantage of the ski slopes in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Ski season in Granada runs from late November all the way up to early May, but it’s at its peak around January and February.