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The Welcome Event of RoomSevilla

New collaboration with The Good Burger!

On the 12th of September 2018, mostly all customers of RoomSevilla came together for the welcome event. The start of a new semester, should be celebrated with some food and drinks. The event took place in The Good Burger, where everyone was served with beers, sodas, burgers, fries and much more.

The atmosphere was very cozy, everyone was talking and socializing with each other. The event was also a nice way for the team to get to know the customers a little bit better. Even though as employee of RoomSevilla you have a lot of virtual contact with the customers, we don’t see the customers so often in real life. So, we really liked to get know all of you a little bit better.

The evening started with some drinks, beer or soda. First of all, they served some salad with bacon and stuff, later the French fries, chicken fingers and the best for the last: Cheeseburgers! J

We hope that you have all enjoyed it as much as we did, was really nice to meet you all again and if you any further question or comments please contact us. Let’s make this semester the best experience of your life so far!!!

One of the colleagues, Ausra, has made some photos during the event, you can find these as well on Facebook and Instagram. Go check them out!

Also!!! From now on when you order a menu at The Good Burger, you can get one beer for free! Later on, we will provide you with the PROMO code throught Facebook. Stay up to date!